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Think you can’t own your own vacation rental? Maybe you can!

Our Hawaiian Hideaway    By Linda Moran Managing Broker The Real Estate Shop

Part one

My husband and I bought our own vacation rental eight years ago and haven’t regretted it (well there have been moments …but it didn’t last long!) We have always had positive cash flow. In the beginning it was because we rented it ourselves. We put all profits back in to the property and this helped us to pay off the mortgage two years ago.

Not to say it was all fun. Between hurricanes, wild pigs running amok, feral roosters setting up camp (crowing at crack of dawn and trying to fight each other). We ended up re homing the roosters and wild pigs are mostly gone. We have been through two hurricanes with almost no damage.. We live in Washington and our vacation rental is between Hilo and Volcano on the beautiful and adventurous Big Island of Hawaii. Because of the distance between our homes we needed boots on the ground in HI and systems to keep everything running smoothly, The boots are our next door neighbor.. We also call him our local contact (I will explain what this means according to Hawaii later) . When your managing the rental yourself you must cover all your bases..

The largest issue is  always going to Hawaii for our vacations Don’t laugh it can be a problem. We are going to try to do something about it this year.. We can now afford to hire a management company at least temporarily so can take our vacation somewhere new.

Part 2 blog will be coming up shortly and I will be sharing tips on what to look for in your own vacation rental  Come stay at the Hideaway and experience the real Hawaii!               Here is the link to our website

Your Big Island Adventure Starts Here! Come see one of the most active Volcano’s in the world. Scroll down this Page, and check our photo gallery.

Posted on July 30, 2017 at 5:09 am by Linda Moran

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